I’m Being Marketed To

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Ok, I’ve gotten accustomed to hearing music I like over the loudspeakers in the mall and the supermarket. (Roll your eyes, teenagers! Hah!) I just wish they played it louder and with more bass.

But today I’m talking about internet marketing. Within an hour of posting my last blog post on craft beer (which was automatically posted to my twitter and FB), I got a new follower on Twitter, Taphunter. They’re a San Diego based company that follows bars serving craft beer in several cities in North America. They get craft beer enthusiasts to log in to their site and update their information as to who has what available on tap. So if you’re in, say, Austin, and you really want Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen on tap, you can log in and it’ll tell you where to go.

Furthermore, you can get their mobile app and update their info on the bar where you are, and you’ll get points. And wouldn’t everyone just love some more points? I’d do just about anything for points. Yay points! Oh, and they have occasional giveaways and discounts and stuff.

Anyway, I was curious how, and impressed that, they found me so quickly. By my blog stats, that blog entry only was viewed once, and that viewer was referred by en.wordpress.com/tag/beer/. I assume this is due to the efforts of the Chief Beer Strategist (also CEO and Co-founder) at Taphunter, Mel Gordon. What I wonder is this: was it a person (herself or perhaps a lackey), or was it automated? Does she have software that scours the blogosphere for beer enthusiasts, then automatically starts following them on Twitter or otherwise? If so, what kind of software is it? Is it expensive? Free? Highly specific, or versatile? Is this cutting edge, or has it been around for years?

*digs a bit deeper*

Ok, I’d bet she’s got the software. She’s also president and founder of gWave Consulting, complete with programmers! Also, she’s “Widely considered as an Internet marketing expert …” It’s true, just read her description on the gWave website, which she probably wrote herself. After all, she’d know, right? Really, I’m just poking fun. I have no reason to believe she isn’t what she claims to be. Besides, she backs up her claims by citing publications, and I looooove it when people cite sources. Also, she obviously likes good beer, so I’ll gladly give her the benefit of the doubt.

So, all in all, I say nice job marketing to me, Mel Gordon. Maybe someday we’ll talk about adding the North Country (or at least Burlington, VT) to Taphunter’s markets. Preferably over a craft beer or, even better, a homebrew. After all, we’ve got Lake Placid Brewery, Saranac, and Magic Hat just to name a few, not to mention the possibility of a brewpub opening in Potsdam within the next year or two. I’d gladly regularly enter all data on my local, Maxfields. Besides, it’ll get me points, right?


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