Houston, the ice sculptures have melted.

February 22, 2009 at 10:43 pm | Posted in canada, food, life, wine | 3 Comments

This weekend Jenny and I took a nice trip to Ottawa to see what was left of Winterlude. The only ice sculptures we saw were half melted and falling apart, but we had a nice time anyway. Due to leaving late and rearranging our plans on the fly, we didn’t get to skate on the Rideau canal. Next time.

Instead we had very good, long, relaxed dinner at Le Twist across the river in Gatineau. It was very good, but it wasn’t great. I don’t even know if I would expend energy to go back there. Its looks were nothing special, and the lamb burgers, though tasty, were a bit small. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t avoid the place if we were in the neighborhood again.

I think part of why my experience was so good was that Jenny and I were kind of snipping at each other all day, having left later than we’d planned and being hungry, and when we got there and relaxed and had a glass of wine and some food in our tummies, everything just got better. We started talking easier and laughing more, and it finally felt like we were on a little vacation together.

And though the food was slow to come, the appetizer was quick, and our waitress was nice and formally served our bottle of wine. It was an Argentinian red wine, a Marcus James Tempranillo; I don’t remember the vintage. A nice wine. Nothing to write home about (though apparently good enough to blog about), but I will look for it at the wine shop next time we go.

The Tombs Of Eternity exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization was pretty cool, as was the accompanying IMAX film about the mummies. Then we hung out at By Ward Square market, found our new favorite Irish pub, the Heart And Crown, and had dinner at our favorite sushi place, Wasabi.

All in all, a nice break from the day to day, or for that matter, the week to week.

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