The Math Academic Job Search

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In my last semester at the University of Arizona in the Math PhD program, I gave a talk in the Math Grad Colloquium about searching for an academic job in math. Having just recently (successfully) completed such a search, I felt compelled to share my wisdom (mistakes) with others about to do the same. At the request of Suz Tolwinski, a current grad student in the applied math program at the U of A, I dug up the slides from that talk. I then decided to post the slides on the web at my Slideshare for the whole world wide web to ignore.

Most likely, some information is out of date. You have been warned.

Cold Brew, Take Two

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It’s been a few weeks since I first tried cold-brewed coffee, and I just finished drinking my third batch. (Melanie Brault from Trung Nguyen Coffee wrote a nice short piece on the process here at

After the concentrate is made, the procedure is to fill my coffee cup 1/4 or 1/5 of the way with the concentrate, and fill it with boiling water to make a full cup of normal strength really good coffee. However, since I store the concentrate in the fridge, my cup of coffee was delicious at first, but it became colder than I enjoy within 5 minutes of pouring. To fix this problem, I’d just microwave the cup (1/4 full of concentrate) for 22 seconds before adding boiling water. That seems to work fine.

For my second batch, I used a modified version of the recipe in my previous post: only one cup of coffee beans instead of two, and I’m brewed for 24 hours instead of 12. Everything else is the same — I’m brewed in my large French press at room temperature. Note that the measurement is done *before* grinding. You’ll have to experiment yourself if you’re using ground coffee. I’m used Sumatra beans from Wild Rose Coffee Co. in Tucson, Arizona.

So, how does it compare? The finished product is comparable, but I have to use twice as much concentrate as before. So I’m going back to my original recipe.

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