The Golden Dragon

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I just started a Northern Brewer recipe called The Golden Dragon. It’s a Belgian dark strong ale. With an original gravity of 1.083 (20.2 Brix), this will be the strongest beer I have ever made. Like the Winter Warmer, I did a yeast starter for this one. Here’s the description of where this recipe came from.

“Legend tells us that the recipe for this Belgian beer was given by a Norse king to the city of Minneapolis after Vikings buried the Kensington Rune Stone up north, but it was stolen by railroad magnate and St. Paul resident James J. Hill and ensconced in a turret of his Summit Avenue mansion. It remained hidden there, undisturbed for years, until NB’s Heyward Gualandi retrieved it after a grueling traverse climb along the South wall. Or maybe Heyward made it all up. Whatever you end up believing after sipping down a chalice of this formidable Belgian dark strong ale, there can be no doubt that it’s potent and delicious. A beguiling complex of dried fruit, toast, butter caramel, spice, and ethanol wafts out of the glass and fills your mouth, leading up to a long rich finish. … It looks innocuous, it tastes smooth, but it can breathe fire … ”

It’s probably BS, but it’s a good story. I plan to bottle this one in traditional Belgian style 750 ml bottles with corks and everything. This is going to be a special occasions beer. I accidentally added the 5 minute hops at the 15 minute mark, so it will taste a little hoppier than intended, but hopefully not too much more bitter.

So, if you ever drink any craft beer from a Belgian style 750 ml bottle, I’d love to take the bottle off your hands when you’re done. Whether they have corks or caps, I’ll take ’em.

In other news, I tried the Bavarian Hefeweizen I brewed 5 weeks ago. It’s a week early, but I couldn’t resist. It tastes good, but it’ll benefit from sitting another week or two. Yeasty and yummy!

In non-beer news, I made some origami, I went for my first motorcycle ride of the season, and it’s end-of-the-semester crunch time at work. Motorcycle classes start in 3 weeks, and I can’t wait for my Arizona trip.

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