What the hail?

July 21, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Posted in house | 5 Comments

So I’m trying to replace our bathroom exhaust fan that went kaput last week. I get up in the attic, lay down 2x4s across the joists and plywood planks on those to make a path to crawl on to get to the fan. I find out it’s in a particularly small, narrow, enclosed part of the attic. I bring up more 2x4s and another plank. I sweep away all the blown insulation in the way and get the planks where they need to go.

I started out holding my mini-flashlight in my mouth (there’s no light or outlet up there), but since there’s tons of blown insulation being thrown about up there, I decide to take a professional’s advice and wear goggles and face mask. This prevents me from holding the mini-flashlight in my mouth, so moving the 2x4s and planks around while trying to hold on to the light was extra fun. But I can still breathe. I guess that’s worth a little inconvenience.

So, I finally get the path set, and I find the guts to crawl into this very enclosed space. I plan carefully how I’m going to turn around and get out before diving in.

And I find it! I have the fan in sight, and it’s closer than I feared — yes! It’s still damn cramped in there, but I can breathe, and the fan is within reach. I’m not claustrophobic, but this is really tight, and hot. I start clearing away the blown insulation so I can see what tools I need, and the gentle rain gets harder. There’s a hard rain on the roof inches above my head. I tell myself that’s good — it’s cooling the air off, and it’ll be less hot up here.

Then it starts hailing. Hard.

It’s as if the hail and the roof of my house are joined in this bombastic full-volume chorus screaming “GET OUT!”

So I did. Without injury.

Tomorrow’s another day, right?

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