Interesting (and practical) recent psychology studies

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Thanks for this, Tom!

Campaign Finance Reform Crippled

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I’m so mad I could spit.

The US Supreme Court has struck down campaign finance laws that limit the amount of money that corporations and special interest groups, like unions, can spend on campaign ads. They are still limited in the amount of money that they can contribute to the candidates, but they can create and run their own ads that endorse whatever candidate they wish which effectively nullifies that limitation.

What this basically does is allows groups that have the most money to have the loudest voice in the media. It is the capitalist equivalent of “might makes right” which is absolutely contrary to democratic values. Free speech should not be a justification for giving anyone the right to drown out other voices if they can buy a bigger megaphone.

This says to me that the majority of the supreme court (the vote was 5-4) believes that the USA is capitalist first and democratic second. I could not be more opposed to this ruling. I don’t care if the corporations and unions are in favor of a candidate/issue that I support or not. It’s just wrong.

Haitian Earthquake Relief, Doctors Without Borders

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Support Doctors Without Borders in Haiti

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Monday: not as good as it should be, not as bad as it could be.

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I got to my office this morning and realized that I did not have my mug of coffee. My 32 ounce cup of organic, fair trade, locally roasted, freshly ground coffee made in my french press … it was gone. I must have left it on my kitchen counter. Even worse, I had some before I left my house, and that coffee tasted good.

That description makes me sound like such a coffee snob, and I am, though I’m not as bad as some. For instance, when having a breakfast at the local greasy spoon I’ll drink a cup of diner coffee and ask for a refill with a smile. I’m not as picky about my coffee as I am about my beer, for example. I’ll drink water before Bud. (Unless I’m a guest at someone’s house who drinks it. When in Rome, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.)

So it wasn’t as if I couldn’t get a cup of Maxwell House in the lunch room, it’s just that I took the time to make it and now it’s wasted. Wasted coffee … wasted *good* coffee, and wasted time.

The hell with that. I’m only 5-10 minutes away from home anyway, and I realized my lack of coffee just as I reached my office so I know that cup of coffee’s still hot. It’s a pain in the neck, but I’ll go and save the good coffee. Also, sometimes when you have to put extra effort into something it adds something akin to a feeling of accomplishment. Almost a righteous feeling. Like the kind of feeling you get from choosing to not take the easy way out, fixing your mistake, cleaning up after your own mess … that sort of thing.

So I put my coat back on, grabbed my keys, went out across the frozen parking lot to my car and what do I see? Lo and behold, there in the cupholder was my cup of organic, fair trade, locally roasted, freshly ground coffee brewed in my french press, still hot my favorite 32 ounce to-go mug.

Vindication! Sometimes you get rewarded for choosing to not take the easy way out, without having to actually do the extra work you were going to do. Definitely a righteous feeling.

Damn, this coffee tastes good!

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