Carcassonne expansions

March 24, 2009 at 8:09 am | Posted in games | 4 Comments

My Mom got me a fantastic game for Christmas/Yule, Carcassonne! It’s just a great game. It can be learned quickly, but there are various strategies one can learn to bring depth to the game play. It has won awards. Good stuff, and fun. Thanks, Mom!

There are expansions available for the game — add-ons you can buy to add variety to the game. Apparently there are 11 of them! Which one(s) should I get? I’m looking for advice? The “River Expansion” game with the game.



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  1. You have two ways to go.

    One is to look at the Big Box expansions (I just checked, there are now 2 of them). The nice thing with these is that it’s a bunch of the expansions, in one box, and the expansions are marked with icons so that they can be separated out again. The bad thing is that you’re buying carcassonne again (although you could probably give your original away as a gift).

    Barring that, I would strongly suggest inns and cathedrals, and less strongly suggest traders and builders. The two or three newest expansions I’m not familar with. the tower is eh, and princess and dragon is just weird.

    One other point is that you can always use expansion tiles without the expansion rules, it just makes the game longer and adds some neat new shapes.

  2. Thanks, SK. I’m going to try to order I&C or T&B from the local game store if I can’t find a used copy.

  3. When we play this game, we usually use both Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders.

    Benefits to I&C: A big meeple that counts as two regular meeples (introduces interesting city stealing strategies), the inns (makes roads more valuable, but only when completed) and the cathedrals (makes cities more valuable, but only when completed thus introducing city poisoning strategies…)

    Benefits to T&B: A builder which lets you go twice if you add onto a city or road that the builder is in, a pig which makes your field more valuable, assuming that you own it at the end, and goods which you can collect by completing a city with goods markers in it regardless of who “owns” said city.

    I like these expansions both equally, and think they work nicely together.

    Not too sure about the others. We have the dragon/princess one but have never used it.

  4. I want the Traders and Builders. That’s the one that I’ve been using on the online version of the game 🙂 I’ve heard great stuff no Inns & Cathedrals, but I really *like* the T&B. As someone else mentioned, I really just want the new, interesting shapes!

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