Happy New Year!

January 3, 2009 at 9:59 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment

Oh my goodness, it’s been over a month! Well, now that the semester is over and the holidays are over, it’s time for an update.

Halloween was fun. Jenny had a great idea for a last minute costume for me. She bleached and spiked my hair and I went as Billy Idol. Fun stuff. Maybe I’ll get a flickr account someday and post the pics.

Thanksgiving was good. We had some family and some friends over, ate food, and played games. The next day we put up the tree! That was exciting because we didn’t get around to it last year. We like our tree. And Jenny’s dad endured winter driving that wasn’t as bad as he feared.

The semester ended a bit roughly. I’ve got to reorganize some things. I’ve got the upper level courses worked out pretty well, but the workload on the lower level courses is killing me. I’m teaching 3 sections of 100 level Prob and Stat in the spring, so this is the time to figure it out.

Jenny and I had a nice romantic Christmas, just the two of us. She’s knitting me a sweater! Then I went south to visit my Mom in SC for a week. Got delayed on the 24th on the way out, and got sick on the plane. That only lasted a couple of days though, and we had a good time. Saw tons of movies. Love Actually, Lost In Translation, Benjamin Button, The Lake House, and The Accidental Tourist. Mom likes movies! Luckily she likes good movies.

Jenny and I have been enjoying the new year. We have been playing a great new game called Carcassone. We’ve played it before and liked it, and we finally picked it up with a B&N gift card. Fun stuff. Last night we saw Tortilla Soup. Great movie! If you don’t want to eat like a horse after the movie, you’d better see it after you’ve just eaten a whole lot. It’s got lots of scenes of fantastic food being prepared. I’m hungry just thinking about it.

For this year’s new year’s resolution, I resolve to blog more frequently and consistently.

Psych! Yeah, we’ll see about that.


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  1. I hope that you get that workload straightened out. I miss you during the semester!

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