November 13, 2008 at 6:45 pm | Posted in art, math | 4 Comments

This past Tuesday, 11/11/08, the SUNY Potsdam Math Alliance hosted its first Origami Night!  Four professors in the Math department do a non-trivial amount of origami, and they generously agreed to lend their expertise to what turned out to be a VERY well-attended event.

I made a stellated icosahedron.  Below is a picture of one, though it’s not the one I made. Here is a website that explains how to make some modular origami projects out of pieces, or modules, called Sonobes. Here is a picture of two made with pretty paper, made by Future Girl. I didn’t take a picture of mine before I gave it to my sweetie as a present.

I can’t wait to make more!

Stellated Icosahedron


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  1. Your sweetie would post a photo of the brightly colored fun one that you made, but she hasn’t figured out how to post photos that she takes with her phone. Sorry!

  2. Color me impressed!

    You should still see that TED talk though…

  3. That is awesome! I also can’t wait for you to make more (and mail one to me…) 🙂 In exchange, Chris and I can make you cranes – pretty much the only origami we can make without an instruction book handy.

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