Last rides of summer

September 14, 2008 at 12:13 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Last weekend, Jenny & I took a ride on our bikes to Clayton to meet up with a few members of the local chapter of the Virago Owners Club.  We didn’t end up meeting them, but we did meet some friends who live there.  What a GORGEOUS ride!  To find the ride, tell google maps to give you directions from Potsdam, NY to Clayton, NY.  It’s about 75 miles each wayl.  The 10 mile stretches on county route 25 and county route 3 are just wonderful.  Not full-on “twisties,” but what I’d call gentle twisties.  A great introduction to the awesome feeling of motorcycling on back country roads.  We can’t wait to make another trip when the leaves start changing.

Yesterday, we rode with the Star Riding and Touring Club, chapter 289. They called the ride their Three Falls Ride & Hike. Actually it was mostly ride, not too much hike. We rode to three local waterfalls that had a parking area reasonably close by. (Less than a 15 minute walk.) Pretty cool.

I like this group. They’re friendly and easygoing. Not at all concerned with maintaining the cool and tough biker image. It’s true, they mostly wear denim and leather, but they also smile easily. And they don’t drink while they ride, which is a big plus. We disagree on helmets it seems. One of them has a “Helmet Laws Suck” patch on his vest, and some of them wear half-helmets while Jenny & I swear by full-face. I’m a bit conflicted about helmet laws myself, but if I had to choose I’d go for helmet laws. (I realize that might have something to do with the fact that a full face helmet saved my life once.) But I’m fine with agreeing to disagree on that. I’m not sure if we have anything in common with these folks, actually … aside from our love of riding and generally friendly dispositions, that is. So who knows if we’re actually going to join this chapter. At the very least, they’re fun to ride with occasionally. Time will tell.

Jenny’s rides on the weekends are getting longer and longer. The last two weekends had us on the bikes about 4 hours each. At this rate, she’ll be ready for Americade (one of the largest bike rallies in the country) next year!

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