Gramps is back, hold the mayo!

August 31, 2008 at 3:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I’ve been having some issues with Gramps, my 1981 Yamaha Virago 750. The bracket that holds the right rear blinker to the frame (it’s called a “flasher stay”) had bent a few months ago when the bike kissed the pavement. Don’t worry, it was only in a parking lot, no one was hurt. It was still operational, so I rode it while trying to figure out, in my spare time, how to get a replacement part. Finally, it snapped off, and the blinker was hanging by the wires. Ok, gotta do something about it now!

Jenny called our new favorite shop, John Harvey’s Gasoline Alley in Malone, NY. They’re a Yamaha dealer, and they’ve impressed us on more than one occasion, from their customer service to their attentiveness and care with the bikes. She described in perfect detail over the phone the part I needed. A week later, it came in, but it was the wrong part. They admitted it was a miscommunication on their end, and they were willing to re-order it and pay to mail it to us so we wouldn’t have to drive the 50 minutes to Malone to make aNOTHer trip out. It turns out I got it on ebay (and thus had it sent directly to me) instead. No hard feelings, though. Those guys take care of us, and everyone makes mistakes.

So I went outside on Saturday, the first day of a long Labor day weekend, surrounded myself with my tools, and set to work on the freshly washed Gramps. (Thanks, Jenny!) It was a little challenging for me since I’m not the most experienced with matters mechanical. Also, sometime after the old flasher stay broke the blinker had stopped working, so I was pretty worried I’d have to take it to John Harvey’s on a trailer since I’m not much for electrical work.

I got lucky. The wire insulation had worn away in a relatively accessible place, so I was able to fix it myself. I went slowly and methodically, and hit a few snags along the way, but two or three hours later Gramps has all his parts in working order. And I did it all by myself! Ok, it wasn’t REAL engine work, but it was the first time in a long time it was just me, a busted bike, and some tools in the driveway. I felt quite satisfied with myself.

So today, on this beautiful second day of a long Labor day weekend, Jenny and I took a nice half-day ride, her on her 2000 Suzuki GZ250, and me on Gramps. It was just an awesome ride. We took 11B to Malone, and took 11 back. Route 11B is just a great road to ride. Between Potsdam and Malone it has no stoplights, it never goes below 40mph through the 5 or 6 towns it cuts through, it’s fairly lightly traveled, the pastoral scenery is beautiful, and it has about a dozen or more roadside farmer stands.

On the way back on 11 we stopped for a late breakfast at Scotty’s diner. They had an interesting idea, a BLT with egg! An egg and bacon sandwich is common enough, but a BLT with egg? Could be brilliant. If they didn’t put mayonnaise on it! (*blech!*) Ok, mayo on a BLT, that’s fine. But mayo on the same sandwich with a hot fried egg? No way! They fixed it, and it was actually good, but it you ever order such a thing, take my advice and HOLD THE MAYO!



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  1. You’re wrong. I’ve never had an actual BLTE, but a few years ago a friend introduced me to mayo on breakfast sandwiches. I begged him not to; what did I need more mayo in my life for? But he said I had to try it… le sigh, it is quite delicious.

    I have been on a bike all weekend, and loving it. And today I am also going on a ride; different bike, different driver. This is all really unusual for me, but I’m thrilled to make it usual.

  2. Mayo in breakfast sandwiches … sounds as bad as mayo in sushi rolls. Yuck.

    Happy riding!

  3. I have got to agree with D – I don’t want mayo on my breakfast sandwich! It’s awesome that you got your bike fixed like that. I love that you did work on it yourself 🙂 Yesterday’s ride was amazing. I mean, it was really, really awesome. I can’t wait to do it again!

  4. Can’t comment on Motorcycles, no frame of reference, but I will say something about Mayo.

    Personally, for me it has always been the least favorite condiment. Last in line, easiest to skip, great way to hold a few calories.

    But then, a few weeks ago, at the start of New Jersey Tomato season (otherwise known as BLT heaven), my wife bought a jar of Organic Mayo (Spectrum, I think?). Organic eggs, organic ingredients, even organic spices.

    Now, normally, I’m not a big fan of organics either. (A sin around here, I know). To me, they cost a lot more, and I’m probably going to die from another cause anyway.

    But MAN does this Mayo taste good! It’s like it isn’t even Mayo, it’s some other, brand new, condiment. The flavor is just amazing, and the BLT’s? Unbelievable. I would eat it with an egg, and I would eat it a breakfast sandwich, I would eat it in the car, I would eat it from the jar.

    Good thing I’m still young enough (ha ha ha) to try new things.

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