DVDs are being replaced, but they won’t be obsolete.

July 6, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in technology | 14 Comments

If you want Star Trek movies on DVD, but just never got around to getting them, then the DVD box set, Star Trek – The Motion Pictures (Special Edition) is for you. Actually, it’s for me. But maybe it’s for you, too.

Unlike some box sets in the past, every one of the ten movies in this set is the 2-disc special edition. And the first movie is the Director’s Cut which is, from what I understand, a significant improvement that makes the movie at least watchable if not great. And it’s less than $70!

This is a great time to pick up movies like this, because Blu-Ray is coming, and regular old DVDs won’t be made in the near future. (Less than 5 years, I’d guess.) And since Blu-Ray players also play DVDs, you won’t be stuck when buying DVDs on the cheap, unlike the folks who bought cheap cassettes in the late eighties, or cheap VHS tapes in the late nineties. The new machines will still play these babies.

So scarf ’em up! And keep your eyes out for other great DVD collections at low prices in the next year or two.

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