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February 6, 2008 at 8:28 pm | Posted in life, martial arts | 8 Comments

I’m up to my nose in grading.

TKD is going well. 3 classes down so far. The other beginner and I have both had martial arts before, so they’re really throwing everything at us. In 3 classes I’ve learned 1 punch, 4 kicks, 4 blocks, 4 self-defense techniques, a white belt practice combination with 12 moves, and the first form with 19 moves. And that’s interspersed with being exercised to the point where I’m shaking.

Friends are visiting Friday night. We started something when we bought our house. We call it Bring Your Own Happy Hour. We used to go to happy hour a couple times per month on Friday’s at a local place called Maxfield’s. But being homeowners, we decided that should happen much less frequently. So we invited people over our place and said, “Bring something to drink and/or share. Pay liquor store prices instead of bar/restaurant prices. We’ll provide ice, munchies, and the space. Show up at 5pm on Friday. Those who stay past 6pm often go in on take-out/delivery.” In practice we also throw in some drinks of ours.

The last one was two months ago, and for the holiday edition of BYOHH we served up some warm, mulled holiday wine and some homemade egg liqueur and coffee liqueur. (Yes, it’s Oma’s recipe.) It’s cool. We get happy hour, we get to see some of our friends. We don’t have to drive or pay bar/restaurant prices.

But we do have to clean. And that is what I must do now. Fare thee well.



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  1. I like your BYOHH tradition. The next time we are homeowners, I’m totally stealing your idea. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Feel free! I don’t remember if we heard it from somewhere or we made it up. I think we made it up by combining our desire for happy hour with potlucks, BYOB, and our desire to be cheap and lazy. Honestly, we often put more into it than we say we’re going to, just because it’s fun. Folks really seem to like it.

  3. I sort-of made it up. We’d been talking about how everyone loved going to Friday night happy hour, but the local pub we hang for it has crappy veggie options and at least 1/3 of the crew is veggie. And you and I had been chatting about how we’d go out less now that we’ve got a “people-friendly” styled house that we could invite friends to.

    After we started it, a friend told me it reminds her of “Sunday Soup Night” that a friend did. Her friend would invite everyone and anyone to choose to stop by every Sunday for soup.

    I’m going to miss it. I’m sorry that we needed to stop. Maybe one day we’ll figure a way to do this.

  4. This is a VERY good idea, especially while you are sans kids. I don’t know what your family plans are, but I guarentee if you choose to have them, you will fondly recall casual events like this, so get in as many as you can now.

    Gosh I hope I don’t sound like an ol’ stick in the mud. Understand, we still throw a fair number of parties, just that now they mostly have to be kid friendly. It’s just a different fettle of kish.

  5. I like it, too. Unfortunately, it turns out we’re not doing it anymore this semester. Our schedules have changed significantly with my new teaching schedule, Jenny’s new job, Tae Kwon Do, etc.

    Maybe we’ll pick it up again in the summer.

  6. BYOHH sounds like a great idea.

    I’ve actually been looking for an excuse to try and start a BYOKP (bring your own karaoke party) on a semi-regular basis. I’ve got the equipment and (now that I’ve got it rack-mounted) it is now portable.

    (BTW, if someone here is interested, I can bring the equipment to an event. I’ve got about 1500 songs in my collection – not enough for professional gigs, but good enough for a party with friends.)

  7. Wow. I’ve got a friend with his own portable karaoke system. That’s pretty cool.

  8. I wanted to start a BYOTBM, Bring Your Own Traveling Band of Mauraders, I’ve got lots of volenteers to be the Mauraders, but no volenteers to host the BYOTBM for me to bring my own to.

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