Thanksgiving: part 2

December 1, 2007 at 2:35 pm | Posted in food, house, life | 5 Comments

After the second shift of Thanksgiving dinner, Mike wanted to take a look at things. For those who don’t know him, I have to tell you he can fix anything. Anything that moves, and anything that doesn’t move, he can fix it. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, electronic devices, mechanical devices, all parts of a house from the foundation to the structure to the electrical, and yes, the plumbing!

So we went down in the basement, and in about ten seconds, he figured out where the clog was. Apparently somebody put a reducer (from 1 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ pipe) on a horizontal section. Also, there was black PVC mixed with white PVC. I don’t know why that last one is bad, but Mike was sure of it. Furthermore, there was a section wrapped in duct tape. The removal of said duct tape revealed that the pipe had been cut, and never reattached! Apparently this clog has happened before, so we took advantage of the cut and made a makeshift snake with a wire hanger. Soon afterward, the washing of dinner dishes commenced.

By this time, it was time for dessert. The pies were a big hit, as were the liqueurs. Especially the coffee liqueur! Apparently I didn’t ruin it as I feared; it’s darn tasty! Imagine what it will be like when I don’t screw up the recipe. During dessert, Mike made a shopping list. He had a goal that such a clog would never happen again. After planning the plumbing coup, we watched the Mad About You Thanksgiving episode. The rest of the night was spent with Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, turkey sandwiches, and homemade hooch.

The next morning, Mike tackled the plumbing. To make a long story short, we went to the hardware store and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon in the basement. Well, to be honest, I switched between helping him and working in the kitchen. Max helped also, probably more than I did. All of the pipe from the sink to the copper leading into the sewer output pipe is new, and now the horizontal section runs slightly downhill. I felt bad though, because they had to rush off right after he finished. We packed a few turkey sandwiches for them for the road. Next time, I swear, we’re going to spend time just hanging out.

After the plumbing angel of mercy and his posse left, we hung out with Jenny’s family. We all played rummy and Apples To Apples, which is a fantastic game if you’ve never played it. More Thanksgiving dinner leftovers, more pie, more liqueur. Yum.

The rest of the guests left early the next morning, and Jenny & I cleaned up. I spent most of the day clearing out the garage, making room for the car and getting rid of the piled up cardboard recycling. We can get the car in, but one of the springs is busted. I’ve known about it for a while, and I was going to get Mike’s advice on it while he was here, but the plumbing issues screwed that up. I found where the local hardware store stocks replacement springs, and I might try to do that one of these weekends. If we can get the garage door working, I want to get an automatic garage door opener. I’m find with shoveling the driveway, but not having to clean off the car every time we want to use it would be lovely!

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing. Now I’m swamped with work because of it. (*heavy sigh*)

So, this Thanksgiving was the best Thanksgiving involving a clogged drain we could have hoped for. 🙂 Come on by this holiday season. We still have egg liqueur and coffee liqueur, and it’s still yummy!



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  1. Yummy Coffee Liquor. I get sad that I can’t have more than a taste of the tongue to yours!

  2. Did I miss something? Does Jenny not do alcohol in general, or is there some OTHER reason why she is only sampling liquor off your tongue?

  3. WRT black vs. white drain pipe, if Mike saw what I think he saw, the black plastic is ABS, not PVC. According to what I’ve read (and what a local plumber told me), the two should never be used together in one system. I think it’s something to do with the lack of good cements that can reliably bond to both kinds of plastic.

    According to, there exists a solvent that can be used to attach a fitting of one kind to a pipe of the other kind, but even that says it shouldn’t be used to attach two pipes together.

  4. Jenny doesn’t drink coffee anymore. Luckily she’s a big fan of the egg liqueur, though these days port is the cordial of choice.

  5. OH, sworn off coffee, not off liquor. That explains it. Of course, much less exciting than what I was implying.

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