Four day weekend

October 9, 2007 at 2:38 pm | Posted in life | 1 Comment

Got rogue piece of siding attached.  (Thanks to Michael and his ladders!)   

Co-hosted shindig with Jenny.  

Got the furnace cleaned.  It’s operating at a whopping 72% efficiency.  (*sigh*)  It’s rather old, and we expected as much.  I wonder if it would be wise to rent an efficient unit.  We’re not in a position to buy a new boiler.  

If it uses natural gas, is it still called a boiler?  For that matter, since it’s forced air heat, there’s nothing to boil.  I guess it’s just called a furnace.  

Went to Ottawa.  Checked out the museum of science and technology.  Mostly kids stuff.  Tried one of the Ethiopian restaurants.  Good stuff!  And reasonably priced, as long as you don’t factor the gas into the equation. 

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving!  

Cooking a roast in the crock pot today.  We’ll be using the crock pot more these days I’d say.  The daily highs are in the 50’s and 60’s these days. 

We signed up for the winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and we’re also going to be the drop-off/pick-up point for Potsdam.  We were last year also.  We made a couple of bitchin’ squash soups that season!  It’ll also be useful to have all those root veggies to make turkey soup with the day after Thanksgiving.  (Thanks, John!)   Parsnips and celeriac add something great to soup.  


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  1. Of course it’s a boiler if burns gas. If it boils water, it’s a boiler. Of course, if your heating isn’t steam or hot water, then that’s a different story. I usually just call it the “heater”, or (since it shares many components with the A/C), I often refer to the whole system as the HVAC. I guess that’s the engineer in me talking again.

    I’m also a bit far from home right now. Denmark, to be specific. A little town called Struer, which is out in the middle of nowhere, even for a sparsely populated country like Denmark. Ericsson has an office here and I got to drop by to run a few meetings.

    It’s a really nice place. Friendly people, fairly mild weather. Food can be problematic if you’re a vegetarian – the Danes seem to like including meat in everything – but there are meatless meals available if you look around a bit. This is my second trip to this country and I’ll have to say I’ve taken a shine to it. Pity you have to take a 9-hour plane ride to get here.

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