Clean house

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We just cleaned our house.  And we just saw a play last night called The Clean House.  It was good.  It’s got some great one-liners, and there were some great moments.  I wonder if I’m too picky when I watch plays.

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Still here

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Just don’t have much to say. Life goes on. I have two big batches of tests to grade, and two tests to write. (*sigh*)

Mmm, fluff.

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Jenny and I are going to watch the Harry Potter movies from the beginning. We have the first two slated for tonight, then the others (relatively) quick succession. Which means we may get through them in a month.

Tonight will be quite the grading weekend, so I’m going to enjoy tonight with my sweetie, by gum.


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The leaves are starting to change. There’s more than a bit of nip in the air. Frost advisories are common. The first exam of the semester looms. Summer is gone.

The semester is going well. A bit behind on grading, but not horribly. By this time next week I’ll be caught up. I like all my classes. The linear algebra and modern algebra students are good. The prob & stat students … well, many of them are freshmen, and some of those don’t know how to be good students yet. They’ll find out what works and what doesn’t soon enough. Some of them will learn stuff.

Eddie is getting better at spending time inside with us. He has actually been in the same room with us while we ate a meal. Three times now! This is huge, as his foster family let him have people-food, and we do not. He is also getting reluctantly better at amusing himself in acceptable ways when we are busy in the kitchen or grading.

I’m organizing a trip to the local MAA section meeting. We’re planning on bringing students, a van full of them. It should be fun.

Jenny just planned and executed this year’s open house for the co-op, and it was a big success. There were a few minor things that she wants to change for next year, but it still went very well. I was there volunteering for parking lot management. As volunteer jobs go, it doesn’t suck, except when it rained. Everybody looked like they were having a good time. The music was good, the food was great.

Then to celebrate, we went to see Rockapella. It was a great show. It would have blown me away if I hadn’t seen M-Pact last year.

Now if I could only catch up on sleep.


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Yesterday I was woken up at 5am with a case of E.D.D., explosive doggie diarrhea. So much for waking up early to do lesson plans. It took almost an hour to take care of. Everyone at work said I looked so tired. It was the first day I came to work in jeans this semester; I usually save that for casual fridays, if at all.

I put yogurt and pepto-bismal in yesterday’s breakfast and dinner, and also today’s breakfast. Last night was also diarrhea, but he was outside in the driveway, so cleanup was relatively painless.

This morning, normal poopies. 🙂 (*does happy-dance*) No vet visit necessary, and we’re NOT buying any more of those cheap bones from the supermarket anymore! Back to Agway for the bones he likes and don’t result in E.D.D.

On a related note, we also need a toy for him that can stand up to his mighty jaws. Any recommendations, you big dog owners?

Well, I’m sure glad that’s over with

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I have submitted my application for reappointment. My initial appointment was for 2 years, and the next one is for 2 more years.

“But wait a minute,” you might be saying, “haven’t you been at your job for only a year?” Yes, that’s true. I have another year to go in my current contract. But the departmental committee takes the application for about a month, makes a recommendation to the chair, then he gets it for a few weeks, makes a recommendation to the Dean, he gets it for a few weeks, makes a recommendation to the provost, she gets it for a while, makes a recommendation to the President of the college, THEN he decides if I get 2 more years.

“But wait a minute,” you might be saying, “why do they all need so much time?” This application is not small, folks. This year, my application took up two 1 1/2 inch binders worth of material. It had some adminstrative paperwork, my reflections on the semesters and each class I taught in those semesters, evidence of scholarly activity and service to the department and the college, gobs of course materials, every student evaluation from every course, pages of statistics with circles and arrows … you get the picture. It was a lot. One of the tenured faculty members showed me one of his reappointment applications, and it was in a 2 inch binder, and it was stuffed. Mine was in two 1 1/2 inch binders, and they were just short of full. So it’s comparable.

So the departmental committee needs time to go through all that stuff and write a detailed recommendation on how this application has shown evidence of effectiveness in teaching, and so on and so forth. See, tenure is forever. So they take it seriously. I understand. That’s not to say it wasn’t a royal pain in the keyster, but I think having to read one of those applications might actually be more arduous.

Anyway, it’s done. It’s out of my hands. I submitted it on Monday by 5 p.m., and last night I caught up on sleep. Good thing, too, because I have a departmental committee meeting at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Yes, the very same departmental committee that will be reviewing my application. The other new faculty member who started last year has his application in, too.

Guess what? Yes, he’s on the departmental committee, too.

Obviously, we won’t be reviewing our own applications — that’s not allowed. We could review each others’ applications, though. That’s been done before, actually, two faculty members were up for reappointment, one for his first reappointment, one for tenure. They were both on the departmental committee, and each participated in the review of the other’s application. They get along very well, and they’re both very professional. The whole department gets along, actually, and they’re all very professional.

However, my colleague and I will be excusing ourselves from the review of each other’s applications. He and I get along very well, but we’re both more comfortable this way.

Oh, another reason why they take so long is that, if they don’t reappoint me, I need time to find a job. And most of the deadlines for applications (~2 years ago when I was on the job market) was about December 15.

Guess when the President notifies facutly if they’ve been reappointed. That’s right, December 15. (*sigh*)

I like working here. And I don’t want to apply for jobs. I hope they reappoint me. Only about 100 days or so until I find out!


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My reappointment file is due tomorrow.

So what am I doing posting on my blog?!?

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