So, are you ready for the new semester?

August 24, 2007 at 6:03 pm | Posted in life, math, technology | 1 Comment

It seems everyone is asking me that these days. All this week, I think everybody I’ve run into at the college has asked that of me at least once.

My answer? “No, but I will be.”

That’s kind of why I’m here at the college instead of camping in the Adirondacks, or visiting friends in Jersey, or spending quality time with my sweetie, or just about anywhere else! *sigh*

It’s coming together, though. I’m teaching two sections of Probability & Statistics, and I’m psyched about it. I’m going to be using the computer a lot. Delivering lectures on PowerPoint, grabbing data sets off the web and computing stats on them in class in real time, having students do homework using statistical software, having them submit homework and take (some) quizzes online, etc. I’ll also be doing more hands-on activities in class than I’ve ever done. It’ll be new and different and exciting, at least for me.

I’m also teaching Modern Algebra 1 and an honors section of Linear Algebra 1. They, too, will have more hands-on activities in class. Lots of prep work.

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  1. So, I’ve been treading water, but only just, and I was keeping track of the people I care about and realized I hadn’t gotten on the horn with you in a bit, or Jenny (could you imagine if we actually had a horn? Like of Gondor? That would be really annoying for everyone but us.) . . . Jenny even threw a rope (in the form of a phone call, and her cell number, which I promptly lost because I tossed my phone into the water at the Metropolitan Museum of Art . . . ask me how) and I insisted on treading water by myself.

    I still remember what is involved in graphing, and have odd inclinations to graph . . . well, everything, lately. A lot of actors tend to sell math short – it puts things in order for me, the way watching sports does.

    So I wasn’t going to ask you if you were ready for the new semester. I assumed you were. From reading this, it looks like you are anyways. He can get an actor to do math on her afternoon off and enjoy it. I’d say he’s ready.

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