Flight regulations for baggage

August 1, 2007 at 2:58 pm | Posted in conference | 2 Comments

If you’re flying, you should know about the 3-1-1 rule.

At least they seem to have standardized it. For a while I wasn’t sure what they were allowing or not, and it seemed to change from week to week.



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  1. Well, that’s the rules for now. The TSA changes them frequently, especially when something scary is in the news. (Not that it actually does anything to prevent terrorism, but the public will think government is doing something if they’re inconvenienced at the airport.)

    Always check the TSA web page before any flight. And bring a printout with you – the people manning the security checkpoints often don’t even know their own regulations.

    A friend recently went through Newark and was told that the bottles have to be original manufacturer’s containers, not generic bottles. There is no such rule, but she was pressed for time and wasn’t able to wait for a supervisor to show up and resolve the issue. She ended up having to throw away her toiletries. (Later on, she wrote a lot of nasty letters to the TSA and to Newark Airport’s management. They all confirmed that there is no such rule, and that the guard was flat-out wrong. Fat lot of good that does when you’re exhausted, about to miss a flight, and have a rent-a-cop accusing you of crimes against humanity.)

    If you bring a printout of the rules, and arrive early, then at least you will be able to make the proper stink – demand to speak with a supervisor, etc. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of people who take pleasure in making you as miserable as possible.

  2. Repeat after me.

    Best way to get through airport security hassle-free:

    “Arive at the airport crazy early and bring a good book.”

    No more stress about traffic jams, parking, check-in lines, security lines, etc. Doesn’t matter how long they take, becuase you have all kinds of time. Then just sit at the gate, enjoy a drink, and read your book. Chances are you needed some down time anyway.

    I do this all the time and it works like a charm!

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