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July 31, 2007 at 5:52 pm | Posted in dogs, life | 5 Comments

Not much time to blog recently. Lots of stuff going on.

Eddie: He’s gotten to the point where he goes to bed in the crate and doesn’t whine or cry at all. When I leave for work in the morning, he goes in the crate and only whines for about a minute. I’m very happy he’s started to accept this. Next step is being able to walk, talk, and generally be in the house in a normal volume while he’s in the crate. I understand, he just wants to be with people. He wants to be with us. But sometimes we’ll have people over who are scared of dogs, or with very small hyper children, or something. And we’ll need to crate him, and he’s got to accept that.

That being said, we’re also having him be with us more often when we’re just hanging around. He’s always on a leash when he’s in the house so far, until he has “come” and “sit-stay” and “down-stay” much better. I just got the book How To Be Your Dog’s Best Friend by The Monks of New Skete. I don’t know when I’ll have time to read that, but I will. Maybe on the plane to MathFest.

House: Jenny’s having family over this weekend while I go to MathFest. (Overlap not on purpose.) I’ll be back for the end of their visit. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to Canada together. Anyway, we made the last unpacking push this past weekend. It’s so nice. You can walk through every room and not trip! Mostly, anyway. And some of the pictures are going up.

Work: Now that Eddie is settled into a routine, I’m doing much better at getting to the office and getting work done. I’m not quite up to during-the-semester productivity, but I’m getting there. I’ve been working on my paper this past week, and I’m making slow progress.

Misc.: It’s hot and humid. Hoo boy. Our house isn’t too bad, but the bedroom is the hottest room in the house, and if we don’t remember to open the windows and turn on the fan up there (the door is closed because of cat allergies) at 7pm, it’s nigh unbearable by the time we go to bed. As houses go though, it’s not bad. Pretty well insulated. Hopefully that works in our favor come winter!

I try to put on a good face about Eddie, but it’s equally true to say that his addition to our family has been a royal pain in the keyster. He’s taken away a lot of time I could have spent on work (that’s why I didn’t teach summer classes, to get work done), and time that I could have spent with Jenny. I got him too soon, before I was prepared, before I read up on being a dog owner, before we got completely moved and settled into our new house. As a result, I’m stressed most of the time, my nerves are frayed, and I’m not being a very good dog-owner, professor, or husband. I’m trying hard not to resent Eddie for it; it’s not his fault, it’s not anything he did. But I sometimes wish I never met him. And I feel bad that I feel that way. He deserves better. No, I don’t plan on getting rid of him. But something’s got to change.

Damn it, finishing grad school was supposed to decrease the stress! What a year.



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  1. I actually understand that entirely as I think I got Daisy too soon my self.

    But – meh, we pick up, move on and keep the dog because ultimately she’s part of the family, just it’s like haveing an unruly teenager while I have a toddler too. One step at a time and they both get better and learn more of what’s expected but it is definitely a wear on the patience.

  2. Breathe, smile, and forgive yourself for being human. Things are getting better, it sounds, even if it might be at a slower pace than you’d like, or perhaps need! Know that all will be ok. (Weren’t you once Optimystic? 😀 ) I wish you well.

  3. Thanks, Nik. You’re not the only person who has accused me of being too hard on myself, and probably been right. 🙂

  4. A couple of things.

    1) I made the SAME mistake when we bought our house. Got a dog (nearly) right away, and then wished I had waited. But in retrospect, it helped us delay our urges to start the first kid, so on balance, getting the dog too soon was a VERY SMART MOVE! [Urge to fill house, over-whelm-ing…]

    2) Please don’t take this the wrong way, I mean it as a positive thing, though it can seem disheartening. Right now is probably the simplist and least busy time of your life for a LONG time to come. Enjoy this. Even though it seems crazy busy. Then, when life gets more busy, enjoy THAT, becasue that will be the least busy it will be for a while after that.

    Sometimes as a joke, when things are going nuts at our house, and the kids/dog/house/job/family/etc. is going crazy, I turn to my wife, smile and say, “Click Click Click Click.” That’s the sound of the rollar coaster mearly cranking up the first hill, for the real wild ride that is yet to come in our lives. She doesn’t find it particularly funny, but it really helps me cope. Puts it in perspective. And by the time the wild ride begins, well, you know rollar coasters, it will be all happening so fast that we won’t have time to notice until it is over.

  5. I was also under the (in retrospect, misguided) impression that stress was supposed to decrease after graduate school. I’ve found myself taking a lot of deep breaths lately. When I get spooled up, I take a break and quickly enumerate the positives in life. I usually find something to smile about in fairly short order and in the mean time, I’ve taken a little mental health break. This doesn’t help me accomplish any of the multitude of tasks on my ever-growing to-do list, but I honestly think my productivity is improved by a better outlook.

    Reach down for that confidence that everything will work out. It will!

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