The vlogging will continue until morale improves

July 18, 2007 at 9:02 pm | Posted in internet culture | Leave a comment

I was sorry to see Amanda Congdon leave Rocketboom, and I’ve been checking out her stuff since she left. The series Amanda Across America was good. It turned me onto Daryl Hannah’s vlog, which doesn’t suck at all (high praise). But most of her stuff on is not so good. The attempts at humor often fall flat.

But was she always that way, and does she appear different to me because I expect something more? When she was an unknown, Rocketboom was offbeat, hit-and-miss, and answered to nobody. They didn’t disappoint, because you didn’t expect them to be good, and sometimes they were great. I don’t know if it’s my expectations that make her different in my eyes, or if she’s changing under the pressure from being in the spotlight, but she seems more vapid these days. The humor isn’t as deep. It used to be that some of the jokes were surreptitiously aimed at a small subset of the audience, and if it went over your head, too bad. I don’t see that now. You can be quirky and silly, but if that’s all you are, I’ll lose interest. And I’m losing interest.


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