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June 28, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in dogs, life | Leave a comment

We’re keeping my study as the only room in the house that Eddie is allowed in. We’ll grant him access to other parts slowly as he’s better trained. (He is potty-trained already.) I’m trying to be with him as much as possible since he’s got separation anxiety issues, which means that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the study.

We’ve decided to crate train Eddie. The link gives specifics. I bought the crate before Eddie moved in. I spent the night in the study the first night we got him, because we decided he would not be sleeping in our bedroom. After pushing him off me about 30 times, he actually went and slept in the crate by himself! Joy!!

Based on this, our trainer suggested we accelerate the crate training. The first time I put him in there and left the room, he cried for 40 minutes. That was the second night, Tuesday night. It’s Thursday now, and most of the time he cries for less than 5 minutes before settling down. This is really good progress, but I think I may be overdoing it a bit. Our trainer is making a house call tonight, so I can ask her about it.

I got him a ball today and we started to learn fetch. First we went to the park by the river, but there were other people and dogs there, and he doesn’t do well with so many distractions. So we went to a school (no one there) and played some fetch there.

The commands he’s pretty much got down so far are “sit” and “c’mon” (like heel, but more like loose leash walking). He’s just learned “down” (lie down), “Eddie” (turn your attention to me), and “here” (come here now!), which means he can do them in controlled situations, but not when distractions are prevalent. As I said, we’re working on “fetch” with limited success in controlled circumstances. “Stay” has had limited success also. I think I need to be teaching “stay” in a different way.


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