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Jenny met him on lunch break, and it was love at first sniff.

Mary, the woman who was fostering him (she found him abandoned, brought him to the shelter, they couldn’t adopt him out because he looks mean even though he’s so not, so she took him rather than have him put down) was going around town, putting up posters advertising him.  He was with her, wearing a cute “Adopt Me!” vest, charming everyone he met, including Jenny.  She called me about him, and I went to meet him that night.

Eddie liked me, so I decided I would walk him the next morning.  He normally gets his walk at 6am, so I got up at 5:30 (ugh) and walked him.  He seemed to respond to me, but I didn’t want to rush in.  Besides, a couple had tried to take him only a week earlier, and they returned him in two days.  Can we say abandonment issues?  Separation anxiety?  Hell yes.

Anyway, I decided to walk him every morning.  After all, if I adopted him I’d have to do it, and if I couldn’t take it, might as well find out now.  Long story short, we postponed adopting him until after Saturday’s move to our new house.  We brought him home Monday afternoon.

I was so nervous.  I like dogs, I like visiting with them, I like playing with them for an hour or less, but I had to take care of this guy 24/7!  What do I do?

We had met with the local dog trainer, Linda from Take The Lead Dog Training in town, and she got us off on the right foot.  But putting all that stuff into practice is another thing entirely.  I read her handouts over 3 times before I brought Eddie home, and I still felt clueless, and that there was no way to know what to do next for sure.  And there he was, looking to me.  What a sickening feeling.

I don’t know how I survived that first day and night.  Jenny helped so much.  Partly by helping with stuff, partly by believing in me, partly by putting up with my frazzled short tempered self.  (Sorry, sweetie.)

More in another entry.


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