A Spell of Magickal Transformation

June 15, 2007 at 12:42 pm | Posted in gtd, life | Leave a comment

This past year at my new job has been great, and it’s been hell.

I have found that, while I know the math and am learning how to become an effective teacher, my organizational skills are not up to the task of performing the myriad of professorial duties.  My office is a mess, lesson plans are too often being written on the fly, and I am beginning to dread and hate my job.  Not because the job itself is terrible, but because I feel that I am not doing it very well, and that ultimately I am doing a disservice to my students and to myself.

So this summer I have determined that will all change.  I will no longer be at the mercy of my job, I will be the master of it.  I will gain a total in-depth knowledge of the big picture and the minutia of this profession, and I will perform it in a timely and appropriate manner.  I will cleanse my office of negativity; I will seek out the negative energy vortices and transform them into centers of power.

I will acquire and/or create magickal tools to assist me, and they are this MacBook to focus the energy, paper trays to channel the energy, manilla folders to contain the energy, an automatic labelmaker to name the various currents of energy and by naming them they will be directed.

My book of shadows is one that I am adapting from a grimoire of a powerful Magician who specializes in such rituals of transformation, David Allen.  His grimoire is titled, “Getting Things Done.”

This past week, I have assembled the tools and the knowledge.

This morning, the spell is cast.


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