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We’re keeping my study as the only room in the house that Eddie is allowed in. We’ll grant him access to other parts slowly as he’s better trained. (He is potty-trained already.) I’m trying to be with him as much as possible since he’s got separation anxiety issues, which means that I’ve been spending a lot of time in the study.

We’ve decided to crate train Eddie. The link gives specifics. I bought the crate before Eddie moved in. I spent the night in the study the first night we got him, because we decided he would not be sleeping in our bedroom. After pushing him off me about 30 times, he actually went and slept in the crate by himself! Joy!!

Based on this, our trainer suggested we accelerate the crate training. The first time I put him in there and left the room, he cried for 40 minutes. That was the second night, Tuesday night. It’s Thursday now, and most of the time he cries for less than 5 minutes before settling down. This is really good progress, but I think I may be overdoing it a bit. Our trainer is making a house call tonight, so I can ask her about it.

I got him a ball today and we started to learn fetch. First we went to the park by the river, but there were other people and dogs there, and he doesn’t do well with so many distractions. So we went to a school (no one there) and played some fetch there.

The commands he’s pretty much got down so far are “sit” and “c’mon” (like heel, but more like loose leash walking). He’s just learned “down” (lie down), “Eddie” (turn your attention to me), and “here” (come here now!), which means he can do them in controlled situations, but not when distractions are prevalent. As I said, we’re working on “fetch” with limited success in controlled circumstances. “Stay” has had limited success also. I think I need to be teaching “stay” in a different way.


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Jenny met him on lunch break, and it was love at first sniff.

Mary, the woman who was fostering him (she found him abandoned, brought him to the shelter, they couldn’t adopt him out because he looks mean even though he’s so not, so she took him rather than have him put down) was going around town, putting up posters advertising him.  He was with her, wearing a cute “Adopt Me!” vest, charming everyone he met, including Jenny.  She called me about him, and I went to meet him that night.

Eddie liked me, so I decided I would walk him the next morning.  He normally gets his walk at 6am, so I got up at 5:30 (ugh) and walked him.  He seemed to respond to me, but I didn’t want to rush in.  Besides, a couple had tried to take him only a week earlier, and they returned him in two days.  Can we say abandonment issues?  Separation anxiety?  Hell yes.

Anyway, I decided to walk him every morning.  After all, if I adopted him I’d have to do it, and if I couldn’t take it, might as well find out now.  Long story short, we postponed adopting him until after Saturday’s move to our new house.  We brought him home Monday afternoon.

I was so nervous.  I like dogs, I like visiting with them, I like playing with them for an hour or less, but I had to take care of this guy 24/7!  What do I do?

We had met with the local dog trainer, Linda from Take The Lead Dog Training in town, and she got us off on the right foot.  But putting all that stuff into practice is another thing entirely.  I read her handouts over 3 times before I brought Eddie home, and I still felt clueless, and that there was no way to know what to do next for sure.  And there he was, looking to me.  What a sickening feeling.

I don’t know how I survived that first day and night.  Jenny helped so much.  Partly by helping with stuff, partly by believing in me, partly by putting up with my frazzled short tempered self.  (Sorry, sweetie.)

More in another entry.

Too much going on to blog about …

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We rented the moving truck this past weekend, and got everything (but for a few odds and ends) moved in one morning thank to a lot of help from friends.  “Many hands make light work” was never truer.  We owe a lot to these great folks.

I’m bringing home my dog Eddie today!  I’ll put pix up when I figure it out.

A Spell of Magickal Transformation

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This past year at my new job has been great, and it’s been hell.

I have found that, while I know the math and am learning how to become an effective teacher, my organizational skills are not up to the task of performing the myriad of professorial duties.  My office is a mess, lesson plans are too often being written on the fly, and I am beginning to dread and hate my job.  Not because the job itself is terrible, but because I feel that I am not doing it very well, and that ultimately I am doing a disservice to my students and to myself.

So this summer I have determined that will all change.  I will no longer be at the mercy of my job, I will be the master of it.  I will gain a total in-depth knowledge of the big picture and the minutia of this profession, and I will perform it in a timely and appropriate manner.  I will cleanse my office of negativity; I will seek out the negative energy vortices and transform them into centers of power.

I will acquire and/or create magickal tools to assist me, and they are this MacBook to focus the energy, paper trays to channel the energy, manilla folders to contain the energy, an automatic labelmaker to name the various currents of energy and by naming them they will be directed.

My book of shadows is one that I am adapting from a grimoire of a powerful Magician who specializes in such rituals of transformation, David Allen.  His grimoire is titled, “Getting Things Done.”

This past week, I have assembled the tools and the knowledge.

This morning, the spell is cast.

Lots going on

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Jenny & I bought a house! Wow!!

Furthermore, I’m in the process of implementing GTD (Getting Things Done, an organizational system by David Allen). Of course, I’m adapting it to an academic career.

And J&I are painting, cleaning, packing, and moving. So there’s not a lot of time. Later, I’ll write updates on Rites of Spring, the house, and work.

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