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It’s amazing how good listening to King of Spain can make one feel!


MAA meeting

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I’m going to the MAA sectional meeting this weekend. There’ll be lots of stuff on teaching mathematics, meeting regional colleagues, etc. Busy, busy.

Has anyone every been to Oeonta, NY? Anything to do/see in the area besides the Baseball Hall of Fame?


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I love bicycling! I want to bicycle a lot this summer!

Supreme Court

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Pardon my French, but the Supreme Court has demonstrated that a majority of them are buttheads.

Highly educated and carefully deliberating buttheads, but buttheads all the same.

Bitch Ph.D. delivers the medical facts on the matter. And she cites her sources. (If only more people cited their sources. *sigh*)

I am so angry that the people who run my country are doing this, I could spit.

Or worse yet, vote.


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Wow, and I thought it was an impressive storm here. Apparently we got it light compared to the NYC area.

“New Jersey authorities called it the worst storm to hit the state in 15 years.” I so remember that storm they’re talking about! I was living in Garfield, my best friend Bill stayed over since he was visiting and got snowed in. Everything was shut down, except for the awesome little Italian bakery, Vitamia’s, just a short two block hike through the immense snow drifts.

And they were packed! People were buying homemade pasta, fresh mozzerella, semolina bread, sausage bread, pepperoni bread … fresh baked bread of all shapes and sizes. The line was almost out the door. And it seemed like everybody knew each other, like the whole neighborhood just knew to come to Vitamia’s. We really got swept up in it, and the storm didn’t matter so much. We listened in on these two old guys who obviously had lived in the neighborhood forever. And they talked about the last blizzard that was even worse than this one.

And I still remember it as some of the best bread I’ve ever had.

Testing, testing, …

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one TWO, one TWO

Check. Check.

Is this thing on?

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